There are several ways for metal surface decoration. I will show one of them, ‘metal surface decoration skill with silver powder’.

silver and silver powder

silver plate and silver powder

We  are going to decorate that silver plate with the silver powder.  I gather the powder in glass bottle when I get it at operation.

borax on the silver plate

flux on the silver plate

Put flux on the silver plate with brush and sprinkle the silver powder on it.  Be careful about the amount and shape of silver powder, because they decide the pattern will be performed on the surface.



If  we heat it with the strong flame, the silver powder will fly away.  So heat it overall  slowly with weak reducing flame.

making rings

making rings

After acid processing  and hammering, roll the plate around  mandrel.  They are free size style silver ring  which is made with this surface decoration skill.

Next, the silver ring made by Muse(my student) with same skill.


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