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There are several ways for metal surface decoration. I will show one of them, ‘metal surface decoration skill with silver powder’.

silver and silver powder

silver plate and silver powder

We  are going to decorate that silver plate with the silver powder.  I gather the powder in glass bottle when I get it at operation.

borax on the silver plate

flux on the silver plate

Put flux on the silver plate with brush and sprinkle the silver powder on it.  Be careful about the amount and shape of silver powder, because they decide the pattern will be performed on the surface.



If  we heat it with the strong flame, the silver powder will fly away.  So heat it overall  slowly with weak reducing flame.

making rings

making rings

After acid processing  and hammering, roll the plate around  mandrel.  They are free size style silver ring  which is made with this surface decoration skill.

Next, the silver ring made by Muse(my student) with same skill.


I found these photos in my album.

We  often enjoy  bulgogi party at lunch time.  A student took these photos August last year. Bacon and copper pannel, this is really good matching! 😀

Anshaus have moved into a new house,, right now.

I read a post the day before yesterday, and I find a sentence there. “Google  owns your content on blogspot”   I don’t like that so I removed  my blog Anshaus into, and deleted my blog in blogspot.

We  had summer vaction during 4 days since 1 August.  While visiting my mother, my hometown Daejun looks very different. There are many changes. But she was there with same face.  For that reason, home is the best place to go.

This is my workbench after a daily work. I adjust it everyday, but it becomes like this right away. I’d like to see others’ workroom.
Are you a master of arrangement? Please help me. 🙂

Basic Tools

1. saw frame & saw blade (size 1 – 1Gross)

2. bench pin & C-clamp

3. tweezers –straight tweezers, cross-lock tweezers, and third hand base and tweezers

4. pliers – flat-nose pliers, slimline round-nose pliers, forming pliers(ring bending pliers)

5.vise – bench vise, hand vise

6. hammer — forging hammer / raising hammer / forming hammer / planising hammer / wood mallet

7. file – half-round hand file (routh cut, second cut, smooth cut, dead cut) / three square hand file (routh cut, second cut, smooth cut, dead cut)

8. burnisher & scraper

9. brass brush

10. sand paper (80,120, 220, 320, 400,600. 800,1000, 1200, 1500,2000#) & sanding stick

11. flux

12. vernier calipers

13. grid ruler (30cm)

14. divier

15. scissors , snips

16. hand drill set

17. punch

18. tool box

Raw Material

1. sterling silver sheet (92.5%) 100mmx100mmx1.2mm

2. copperplate (1.2mm)

3. gold foil

Conditions of Happiness / silver,copper,wood / 150x100x130mm


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