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I found these photos in my album.

We  often enjoy  bulgogi party at lunch time.  A student took these photos August last year. Bacon and copper pannel, this is really good matching! 😀


Anshaus have moved into a new house,, right now.

I read a post the day before yesterday, and I find a sentence there. “Google  owns your content on blogspot”   I don’t like that so I removed  my blog Anshaus into, and deleted my blog in blogspot.

We  had summer vaction during 4 days since 1 August.  While visiting my mother, my hometown Daejun looks very different. There are many changes. But she was there with same face.  For that reason, home is the best place to go.

Hello, this is my first post in

I am a metalsmith.I have my blog already, but is is written in Korean. I need another blog for the people who use English, so I start my first English blog today. I hope this blog will be succeed.

Please keep your fingers crossed!



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